My first day at the AIFP Academy

On the first day you should be at the school at 9.15 a.m., the receptionist will welcome you and explain how the school works, the extracurricular activities prepared for your stay in Malaga and will offer you the possibility of an exchange with Spanish students who take German courses at our school. You will also receive a map and a guide to Malaga.

You will then meet with the Head of Studies at our Academy to re-evaluate your level and learn about your interests and learning needs. They will give you a course programme and assign you a group according to your level.

At 9.30 a.m. the classes begin with your first teacher, in this first class the group will be introduced and there will be activities and dynamics of integration to the new group, so that from the first moment you feel at ease with us.

At 11.00 the first session ends and you will have a 30 minute break, during which time you can go to the cafeterias near the school, supermarkets, bakeries, etc.. You can also go to the mezzanine where we have a rest area with armchairs, sofas, reading books and a machine for making coffee and tea.  If you feel like relaxing outdoors you can go to the roof terrace on the fifth floor, where we also have armchairs and sofas for you to enjoy your free time in the sun.

At 11.30 a.m. the second class begins with a different teacher, this session is focused on mainly communicative activities so that you can put into practice all the knowledge acquired in the previous session. In the last lesson the teacher will spend the last fifteen minutes answering questions and doubts.


Classes for the general intensive courses end at 13.00h. For those who have signed up for the Plus course, the next class will take place at 1.15pm, these classes are focused on the specific needs of the student.

Let’s eat! If you want to eat in a restaurant near the school, two minutes from the school there is a quiet square with restaurants that serve food at very affordable prices and where you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere without tourism.

At 17.00 you will have your guided tour of the city of Malaga so that you can get to know the most emblematic places in the city and find the best areas to enjoy your free time in Malaga. The visit lasts approximately 90 minutes.

After your visit to the city you will have some free time.