Terms of contract

REGISTRATION Please register online on www.AIFP.org or send the registration form and the payment receipt to AIFP, Calle Doña Enriqueta, 4,

E-29007 Málaga, Spain. E-Mail: registration@aifp.org

Registration fees + books Please transfer 90 € for the course (and 180€ for course and accommodation (plus bank fees) to the following

Spanish bank account. The remaining amount is to be paid cash in our office on the first course day or has to be transferred before arrival.

Bank: Banco Santander

IBAN No.: ES5600495204552196842250 / BIC: BSCH ES MM (Please put your name in remarks and send us a copy of the transfer slip)

CANCELLATION A cancellation has to be done by registered letter at least 2 weeks before arrival. If you cancel at least 4 weeks before your

arrival date, the paid fees will be refunded minus a handling charge of 90 Euros. If you cancel at least 2 weeks before your arrival date, the paid

fees will be refunded minus a handling charge of 180 Euros. At a later date, even if you never participate in the course, no refunds can be made

anymore. If you need an invitation letter (visa), the same rules and dates apply but the fees are only refunded if you have been rejected for the

visa and you send us the rejection document by fax or mail. Please consult our visa information and your local embassy.

AGE Our courses are directed to different ages starting at the age of 16 years. Please ask us for group courses for younger students. Students

older than 40 are also welcome, we recommend strongly the Silver or Gold course with private classes in addition.

GROUP SIZE Since the maximum number of students per group is 9, we suggest that you make early reservations to secure your place. In

special cases and for a short period we do admit up to 10 students. Especially in high season we recommend to register early for guaranteed


INSURANCE Our students are not insured by the AIFP. We can take no responsibility for accidents during the course, the excursions, in the

accommodation or during other activities. We recommend purchasing travel insurance for studies abroad. If you are an EU citizen, we suggest hat

you bring along your European social security card.

IMPROPER BEHAVIOUR Academia AIFP reserves the right to exclude any student from class and expel him from the accommodation if he

disrupts classes or disturbs the peace among his fellow students. There is no refund of any course fees in these cases.

LIABILITY In case of any damages, Academia AIFP cannot be hold responsible for slight negligence. Our liability is excluded for any problems

and damages caused by schoolmates and flatmates.

COMPETENT COURT The place of performance and jurisdiction is Málaga, Spain.

DAYS WITHOUT LESSONS No classes will be held on Spanish national and local holidays. Nevertheless if there are 2 holidays in the same

week, we will retake 1 day, otherwise classes will not be retaken. We have Christmas holidays from 21nd December 2019 until 6th January 2020.